Governor Brad Little, joined by members of Idaho’s legislature, issued the following statement on Idaho becoming the nation’s least regulated state:

(Press Release)

“Congratulations, Idaho! We’re now the least-regulated state in the nation!

I joined members of the Idaho Legislature in announcing that Idaho surpassed South Dakota in becoming the least-regulated state in the country by cutting and simplifying 75 percent of regulatory rules in one year.

Idaho’s conservative approach to governing has truly transformed the state’s administrative code into a set of regulations that are streamlined and easier for citizens and businesses to navigate. When we reduce the friction on entrepreneurs and businesses, good-paying jobs follow. I appreciate the support of the Legislature and the agencies within my administration for helping me achieve the largest regulatory cuts in Idaho history.

Since I took office in January, I’ve worked with the Idaho Legislature and agencies within my administration to eliminate 1,804 pages of the administrative code. For every chapter added, 83 chapters were cut.

President Donald Trump has taken on regulatory reform to reduce and streamline federal regulations, an initiative led by Vice President Mike Pence. The White House is turning to the states for ways to achieve reform, and Idaho is being held up as the shining example of how to get it done.

All proposed changes were vetted through the required public participation processes agencies must follow under Idaho law. The Legislature is expected to approve the changes during the 2020 legislative session.”


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