At their Monday, December 9 meeting, members of the Pocatello/Chubbuck Mayors’ Youth Advisory Council heard from two members of Idaho’s legislature, Senator Jim Guthrie (ID-28) and Senator Mark Nye (ID-29).

Senator Mark Nye (ID-29)


Senator Jim Guthrie, (ID-28)

The Senators discussed their roles as lawmakers with the students, specifically describing the legislative process, the steps involved in a bill becoming law, and the checks and balances in the system.

Following the meeting, each of the senators expressed their appreciation for the students and their involvement in public affairs.

Senator Nye said, “It was special for me to meet with the students – and a walk back in time to when I was Student Body President at Poky High.  In addition to discussing how a bill becomes a law, I let them know how they can stay in touch.  Toward the end I asked the group what one or two things they might do to make Idaho better if they were in charge.  Their answers let me know that our future is bright.  One suggested helping on highways, another in state parks, and they also mentioned health related matters.  Great suggestions!  I hope they enjoyed our talk, because I sure did.”

Senator Guthrie said, “I applaud the students for being active in the community.  During my talk, I encouraged them to continue to seek out and participate in leadership opportunities.  I value being able to talk with students.  Just last week I spoke with a group of Junior High students.  I’m always reminded that they are the future, and I’m pleased to see them taking an interest in their community and in government.”

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