Lillian Vallely School invites the public to attend their annual Christmas Program, Christmas Kindness: Sing Christmas Songs for Joy.  The program will be held Friday, December 13, at 1:30 p.m.  The program, which will run approximately 45 minutes, will feature a Native story of the Creation and the brotherhood of man told in word and song, Native song, Native flute, and a lot of fun.  Light refreshments will be served following the program.

The Christmas program will be held in the gymnasium of a local church near the school, at 700 W, 300 S, Blackfoot, Idaho.  Taking exit 89 in Blackfoot is the easiest way to reach the event.

The mission of Lillian Vallely School is to help Native American children, grades K–5, build a bridge to their future success educationally, socially and spiritually through a quality education consisting of academics, Shoshone/Bannock cultural preservation, and basic Christian values. The measure of success is to expand a student’s ability to navigate Native and non-Native cultures, to compete academically, and to become a constructive influence at home and in the community.

The Lillian Vallely School is a private non-profit elementary day school serving Native American children who live on the Fort Hall Reservation in Southeastern Idaho.


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