The City Clerk’s Office is a division of the Mayor’s Office and has a professional staff that provides several services for the community and the city organization.

Pocatello’s City Clerk is Ruth Newsom.  Newsom was appointed to the position.  The City Clerk is not an elected position.


The City Clerk maintains the permanent records of the city, which includes all City Council agendas and minutes, contracts, agreements, leases, and cemetery deed records. The Clerk also accepts requests for public records.

The Clerk is responsible for issuing city licenses, except those associated with the building trade. All applications are processed through the Permits and Licensing Division of the Pocatello Police Department. If you have questions regarding city business licenses, not related to the building trade, please email the City Licensing Enforcement Officer, Jene Purman, or call 208-234-6285.

Additionally, the City Clerk administers all city elections, which includes auditing campaign financial reports.

Contacting the City Clerk

For questions regarding City Council agendas, city contracts, agreements, leases, cemetery deed records, or city elections, contact the City Clerk.

For more information about the Pocatello City Clerk, or to contact the City Clerk’s office, go to:

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