The Pocatello-Chubbuck Weight Loss Challenge is scheduled to begin on January 16/17 2020, and will run until April 9/10, 2020.  The event is open to all residents of Pocatello and Chubbuck.

The Challenge creators and sponsors, including Gold’s Gym Pocatello, Portneuf Health Trust, Southeastern Idaho Public Health, City of Pocatello – City Hall, City of Chubbuck, Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad, and Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England, are challenging the community to lose 2000 pounds in 12 weeks.

Everyone who enters the challenge will receive:

  • Challenge Playbook (includes recipes, education and tools to help achieve your goal)
  • Weekly emails to help guide you every step of the way
  • 30-day access to Gold’s Gym
  • Exclusive group workout classes
  • Weigh-ins every 4 weeks

Event Details:

Starts: January 16th/17th 2020

1st Check-in – February 13th, 2020 (optional)

2nd Check-in – March 12th, 2020 (optional)

Ends: April 9th/10th 2020

Weigh-in Locations:

Gold’s Gym: 1800 Flandro Drive
Southeastern Idaho Public Health: 1901 Alvin Ricken Dr
(Weigh-in Times To Be Announced)

For more information, or to join the Challenge, go to:


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