(Reprint: This article originally appeared in the January, 2020 issue of “The Scoop,” published by the Pocatello Senior Activity Center)

Happy New Year Seniors!

Thank you for patronizing and supporting the Center. We want everyone to know that we as the Board of Directors are committed to taking an active role in good stewardship and preserving the longevity of the Center for years to come.

We have many goals we would like to take on this upcoming year. We hope to generate the kind of energy that fuels growth, innovation and creativity, along with emphasis on developing value-aligned partnerships that focus on common goals. The Center is so vital to the senior community; it’s the only place in town where seniors can learn about senior resources, socialize, eat a nutritious meal, participate in activities and volunteer. This
recipe is part of a solution for an independent and healthier life for seniors. That’s why it’s our goal as a board to make sure every senior citizen is aware that the Center is there for them to utilize. Seniors, you’ve worked hard by paving the way for future generations. Now it’s time for us to provide a place for you to enjoy in your retirement years. We welcome you to visit the Center and enjoy it to the best of your ability.


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