(Press Release, January 2, 2020)

Pocatello’s three recently elected City Councilmembers officially took their seats behind the dais.

City Clerk Ruth Newsom administered the oath of office for Chris Stevens, Roger Bray, and Claudia Ortega at Thursday’s Pocatello City Council meeting.

Pocatello Councilmember Chris Stevens is sworn in by City Clerk Ruth Newsom (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

“I told the people of Pocatello I would work for better communication between the City and residents, more transparency in budgeting and financial matters, the lowest reasonable property taxes, less contentious bargaining circumstances, and more input opportunities for citizens,” Stevens said. “I continue to stand for those goals and will work with the Mayor, City departments, and other Council members to achieve them. I especially look forward to learning from the many experienced City employees who have the best interests of all Pocatellans as their mission.”

Pocatello Councilmember Roger Bray is sworn in by City Clerk Ruth Newsom (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

“My commitment is to foster objective analysis of all the issues our community faces. Mainly, we need to recognize the data which portrays half of our community to be struggling financially,” said Bray. “We also should assess the most reasonable approach to take in developing budgets. The city budget determines fifty percent of the property taxes our people pay. I believe the citizens re-elected me to serve them by making the difficult decisions necessary to promote the common good.”

Pocatello Councilmember Claudia Ortega is sworn in by City Clerk Ruth Newsom. (Photo credit: City of Pocatello)

“I was hired by the people of Pocatello because they want change in their local government,” Ortega said. “The people want transparency, they want to be included in the process of government, they want thoughtful well-planned growth and most importantly, they want to reign in spending and reduce the property tax burden on homeowners. Where I come from, whoever pays the bills makes the rules. The people hired me to do a job and now it is my responsibility to show them results. I will work diligently toward fulfilling my obligation to the people of Pocatello.”

Following the swearing-in, Councilwoman Heidi Adamson was elected Council President. The Council President serves as the head of the City Council and helps represent the City at various events. Adamson will also be called upon to serve as Acting Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable.


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