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Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad Presents Donation of $1000 from Mayor’s Walking Challenge to Christian Colonel with the Hitting Hearts Foundation. (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad has been hoofing it for a good cause.

Monday, Mayor Blad donated the $1,000 he earned through the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc.’s Mayor’s Walking Challenge to the Hitting Hearts Foundation. The money will help purchase adaptive physical education equipment for Highland High School’s students with special needs

“I am so excited for our special needs kids at Highland to receive this equipment,” said Christian Colonel with the Hitting Hearts Foundation. “It helps bridge the gap to their fitness and health. It’s incredible that Mayor Blad thinks of the Hitting Hearts organization when he wants to donate this kind of money. The kids and I appreciate him.”

“We want all students to have the same opportunities to be healthy and fit,” said Mayor Brian Blad. “It was a pleasure to know that each step I took would help these Highland students with that goal.”

To receive the challenge money, Mayor Blad had to walk at least 10,000 steps per day during October 2018.

The donation comes after the Mayor donated his 2017 reward to Hitting Hearts. That money was used to purchase adaptive physical education equipment for Pocatello High School students with special needs.

To learn more about the Hitting Hearts Foundation, visit their Facebook page, here:



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