The City of Chubbuck’s ‘State of the City’ video, reviewing accomplishments in the City during 2019, was presented at the regular City Council meeting held on January 8, 2020.  In the video, Department heads highlight projects and actions undertaken in their respective departments.

Public Works Director Rodney Burch discusses capital improvement projects including the construction of additional water storage doubling water storage capacity and establishment of a “Creative Community Zone.”  Several other accomplishments, and future plans are discussed by Burch.

Chubbuck Police Chief Bill Guiberson relates that the Chubbuck Police Department responded to over 7,000 calls for service, discusses the successful partnership with local schools and the D.A.R.E. program, the new Facebook page for animal services, the bike patrol, and more.

Chubbuck Fire Chief Merlin Miller discusses the number of emergency service calls, personnel changes, and equipment purchases.

Chubbuck Human Resources Director Scott Gummersall informs the public that the City currently has 120 employees, of which 100 are full time.  He notes that the City has a 92% retention rate, and hired 8 additional employees in 2019.  The City Council approved a 5.6% wage increase in 2019.  Gummersall lists benefits available to City employees.

Chubbuck City Treasurer Rich Morgan mentions the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and promotes the newly designed City app., allowing residents greater access to City Hall, and providing for emergency notifications.

The full State of the City video can be seen, here:



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