(White House Press Release, December 31, 2019)

SAFEGUARDING LIFE AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: President Trump has made it a priority of his Administration to uphold the sanctity of life and safeguard religious liberty for all.

President Donald J. Trump (White House Official Photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Trump is unequivocally committed to protecting the sanctity of every human life.

  • The Administration issued a rule preventing Title X family planning funds from supporting the abortion industry.
  • President Trump has called on Congress to end late-term abortions.
  • The Trump Administration cut all funding to the U.N. population fund, due to the fund’s support for coercive abortion and forced sterilization.
  • HHS rescinded an Obama-era guidance that prevented states from taking certain actions against abortion providers.
  • President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy in 2017, ensuring that taxpayer money is not used to fund abortion globally.
  • The President has taken action to end federal research using fetal tissue from abortions.

President Trump is protecting healthcare entities and individuals’ conscience rights—ensuring that no medical professional is forced to participate in an abortion in violation of their beliefs.

The Administration provided relief to American employers like Little Sisters of the Poor, protecting them from being forced to provide coverage that violate their conscience.

President Trump has taken unprecedented action to support the fundamental right to religious freedom.

  • In 2018, President Trump signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative.
  • In 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order upholding religious liberty and the right to engage in religious speech.
  • The Department of Justice created a Religious Liberty Task Force in 2018.
  • The Trump Administration continues to vigorously defend religious liberty in the courts at every opportunity.
  • President Trump reversed the Obama-era policy that prevented the government from providing disaster relief to religious organizations.
  • The Administration is preserving a space for faith-based adoption and foster care providers to continue to serve their communities consistent with their beliefs.
  • The Administration reduced burdensome barriers to Native Americans being able to keep spiritually and culturally significant eagle feathers found on their tribal lands.
  • The Administration has allowed greater flexibility for Federal employees to take time off work for religious reasons.

The Trump Administration has stood up for religious liberty around the world.

  • The Administration has partnered with local and faith-based organizations to provide assistance to religious minorities persecuted in Iraq.
  • President Trump hosted the Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom at the 2019 U.N. General Assembly, calling on global and business leaders to bring an end to religious persecution and stop crimes against people of faith.
  • The Administration dedicated $25 million to protect religious freedom, religious sites and relics.
  • The State Department has hosted two Religious Freedom Ministerials, with the 2019 Ministerial becoming the largest religious freedom event of its kind in the world.
  • In 2019, the Administration imposed restrictions on certain Chinese officials, internal security units, and companies for their complicity in the persecution of Uighur Muslims and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.

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