The City of Pocatello has 18 standing volunteer citizen advisory committees.  The committees exist to advise the Mayor and City Council on issues of importance to the community.

Currently, vacancies exist on eight of the committees, and the City is asking residents to consider serving on one of them.  According to the City website, “Every advisory committee is open to individuals living inside the Pocatello city limits and many boards are open to residents as young as 16 years old.  There are also a few opportunities for those living in the Area of City Impact.  Applications are accepted at any time and are kept on file for 1 year in case of a resignation or other unanticipated occurrence.”

Committees with vacancies include the following:

Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Committee: The Americans with Disabilities Act Grievance Committee is mandated by the ADA as an administrative procedure for resolving grievances associated with the City’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991.  The 4 members must be disabled persons or individuals with technical knowledge.  Members serve 2-year terms.

Animal Shelter Advisory Board:  The Animal Shelter Advisory Board was created to aid the Council in considering all matters pertaining to the Animal Shelter, including the facility itself, management policies, fees, public relations, customer service, personnel needs, and other such matters.  The Board consists of a maximum of 9 voting members, at least 2 of who are members of the Bannock Humane Society, and members serve 2-year terms.

Purposes of the committee are to consider matters relating to animal control within the City limits in order to improve the City’s ability to handle animal issues effectively.  The Board also assists in promoting a positive relationship between the Animal Shelter and the citizens of Pocatello and works to improve and maintain excellent care for the animals.

Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee:  The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Committee consists of 7 Pocatello residents, at least 51% of whom must live within the designated target neighborhoods, who serve 3-year terms.  The Committee’s function is to review and make recommendations to the City Council on adoption of the required Consolidation Plan (5-year housing funding priorities), annual CDBG project funding, and the City’s efforts to affirmatively further fair housing.

Affirmatively furthering fair housing helps ensure that residents of Pocatello are free from discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status in connection with real property transactions.


Construction Board of Appeals & Review: The Construction Board of Appeals and Review consists of 6 members who are practitioners in and knowledgeable of the building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical/gas, fire/life safety trades and 1 registered architect or engineer.  Members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council and serve 2-year terms with the exception of the fire and life safety members, members may be non-residents of the city as long as they are licensed or registered to perform their trade/profession within the city limits.  The purpose of this Board is to review interpretations of building codes and enforcement procedures for such codes.  The Board also collects data and information pertaining to building code adjustments and procedures.

Housing Alliance & Community Partnerships: The HACP is established by Idaho Code 50-1910 and is an independent public body dealing with housing matters in the Pocatello region.  The 5 members of the HACP Board are appointed for 5-year terms, and at least 1 member must be an eligible resident (1 who is assisted by the HACP).

Human Relations Advisory Committee:  The Human Relations Advisory Committee was reactivated December 6, 1984 by Ordinance 2142, and amended in 1995.  The members of the committee serve 4-year terms.  Membership is open to anyone living in the Greater Pocatello area.

The mission of the City of Pocatello Human Relations Advisory Committee is to advocate human and civil rights for all residents; facilitate the prevention and elimination of discrimination; and promote harmony by fostering peaceful relationships to ensure all people are regarded and treated with dignity and respect.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board:  This board was reinstated with the passage of Resolution 1998-7.  The purpose of the board is to coordinate the activities of the other Parks and Recreation committees, to provide an overview of the various committees, and to solicit suggestions and recommendations regarding priorities and allocation of city resources for Parks and Recreation programs and facilities.  The Board consists of no more than 11 members with representation from the following 3 advisory boards:

  • Fort Hall Replica Commission
  • Golf Advisory Board

Insofar as possible, representation will be sought from the Zoo Idaho Zoological Society and School District #25.  If they do not provide a nominee, these 3 positions will be filled by resident citizens at-large. Members serve 2-year terms.

Sister Cities Committee – Iwamizawa Relationship:  The Sister Cities Committee was established to advise the City in all matters relating to Pocatello’s membership in Sister Cities International, including active cultivation of relationships, coordination of cultural, educational, economic, and other exchanges; and implementation of fundraising activities; and safekeeping of gifts.  The City’s volunteer Sister Cities Committee oversees the relationship with Iwamizawa.  There are 15 members on this Committee who sever 4-year terms.

For more information about Advisory Board Committees, or to apply to serve, visit:


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