City of Pocatello Chief Financial Officer/City Treasurer Ashley Linton-Welsh (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

The City of Pocatello Finance Department is led by the City’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/City Treasurer, Ashley Linton-Welsh, who was appointed to the role by Mayor Brian Blad and confirmed by a vote of the Pocatello City Council in September, 2019.  Linton-Welsh, who has been with the City Finance Department since 2014, previously served as Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

As CFO, Linton-Welsh is responsible for planning, administering, and managing the City’s budget and overseeing all financial activities of the City.  The CFO works closely with the mayor, City Council, and department heads to develop functional budgets that address labor, operating, and capital needs to meet service level demands.  The Finance Department is responsible for all financial functions of the City and also oversees the Utility Billing Department.

Budget Development Process

Each year between the months of March and August the City of Pocatello City Council, Mayor, staff and departments engage in the process of developing the next year’s annual fiscal year City Budget.  Budget department level reports, considerations and decisions are made in public between the City Council, Mayor and city staff before the final budget is presented and voted to be approved.  The most recent reports produced through the city budget development process can be found on the City website.

Budget Digest Reports

Each year the City of Pocatello produces a Budget Digest Report.  This Budget Digest document provides a summary of information on the adopted fiscal year budget for the City of Pocatello.  Last year’s Budget Digest Report was produced in August, 2019.  The report details expected revenues and expenditures for the next fiscal year.  Fiscal Year 2020 (FY 2020) began on October 1, 2019 and runs thru September 30, 2020.  Budget Digest Reports for the current and past fiscal years can be found on the City website.

Comprehensive Reports and Citizen’s Financial Reports

Every year the City of Pocatello produces a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This lengthy report conforms to generally accepted accounting principles as established by the Government Accounting Standards Board.  It is audited by an external auditor (Deaton and Company) to ensure that it fairly represents the actual financial condition of the City. The report is written by accountants for other accountants.  The detail is of primary interest to the financial community for purposes of monitoring Pocatello’s creditworthiness.  The CAFR is a technical report whereas the Citizen’s Financial Report is created for all citizens to obtain an understanding of the City’s financial condition.

City Cash Reports

The City Finance Department presents a Monthly Cash Report to the Council on the 3rd Thursday of the month, reporting the cash situation as of the end of prior month.  Thus, during the October Council meeting the cash situation is reported as of the end of September and so on.  The cash report displays all the money that the city has.  A household analogy might be list of what you hold in all of your checking and savings accounts.  There are things other than cash that are important, like debt and non-financial assets.  Those are reported in the City’s annual audited financial report.

Payroll & Vendor Claims

Each month the City Finance Department publishes a report detailing total payroll and vendor related materials claim amounts against the city budget.

Service Level Reports

Service level reports are an instrumental part of the city budget.  Service level reports kick-off the budget development process for the fiscal year by providing city staff, the Mayor and City Council essential information they need to make budget decisions.  According to the last report online, produced for FY 2017, ” The goal is to examine each department with an objective measurement of inputs, outputs, efficiency, effectiveness and overall outcome.”

Treasuer’s Statement of Operations

The Treasurer’s Statement of Operations, also produced by the City Finance Report, is a high-level financial report that is produced quarterly.

The financial reports produced by the City Finance Department are public records, and are available on the City website.  To learn more about the City of Pocatello Finance Department, or to view current and past reports, go to:


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