(Press Release, January 24, 2020)

LINE Commission meets in February

BOISE, Idaho – The Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission will meet February 6 in Boise.

The commission makes recommendations to the Governor on policies and actions of the State of Idaho to support and enhance the long-term viability and mission of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and other nuclear industries in Idaho.

“There is an incredible opportunity for Idaho, its businesses, and its institutions of higher learning to lead our nation and the globe in pushing the new frontiers of safe, clean nuclear energy development,” Governor Little said. “The LINE Commission remains dedicated to advising us so we can promote the advancement of nuclear energy and ensure the vitality of the INL.”

The LINE Commission meets February 6 from 8 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. MST in the Lincoln Auditorium of the Capitol building in Boise. The meeting agenda is available on the LINE Commission web site at: https://line.idaho.gov/

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