(Bannock Development Corporation Press Release, February 4, 2020. Photo Credit: Bannock Development Corporation)

The Portneuf Health Partners continued their strong support of the Bannock Development
Corporation and the community’s prosperity with a $20,000 check.  The support will
substantially help fund attraction of local company expansions, good jobs, good talent and find good business locations in Bannock County and the region.  At a ceremony today in Portneuf Medical Center’s beautiful atrium, overlooking Kinport Peak, community leaders took stock of the benefits from both organizations.

Portneuf Health Partners were recognized for supporting the economic development
organization since constructing the Medical Center in 2011.  Bannock Development
Corporation assisted with developing the Medical Center from the preceding county hospital.

Brandon Lance, Past Chair of Bannock Development Corporation, described the positive impact that Portneuf Health Partners has on the community.  “Portneuf Health Partners is Southeast Idaho’s leading health care system, with specialized facilities for trauma, cardiac, women’s health and cancer fields.  In addition to being our largest private employer with about 1,500 health care professionals, Portneuf Health Partners attract additional clinics and good jobs.  We greatly appreciate their investment in Bannock Development and our community,” said Lance.

Portneuf Health Partners will continue to be a strong proponent of economic development in order to grow Bannock County,” said Nate Carter, Chief Operating Officer at Portneuf Medical Center.  “Bannock Development attracts business growth and employment to our community and we are happy to support that mission.”  Carter presented the check for $20,000 to Bannock Development to support their efforts, including expansion of current employers and recruitment of new ones.

Recent projects involving the Bannock Development Corporation include the FBI expansion,
cold storage and intermodal development.  BDC also has been involved in housing construction promotion and research, including web page development, as well as workforce development, featuring the YourFIT program.

Shaun Menchaca, CEO of Portneuf Health Trust commented, “Supporting Bannock
Development is all about bringing great jobs to our community and strengthening our local
companies.  A good economic environment helps create healthy communities, and we care
about that.  We are proud to be one of the many organizations that supports and works with Bannock Development.”



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