U.S. Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders (Photo Credit: U.S. Senate, Bernie Sanders)

The final results are now in for the Nevada Democratic Caucus, and they allot Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders twice as many delegates as all other candidates combined.  Sanders finished with 46.84% of the votes and 24 delegates.  Second was former Vice President Joe Biden with 20.2% of the votes and 9 delegates, while former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg finished in third place with 14.31% of the votes and 3 delegates.

With this victory, Sanders now has a solid lead in the race for the nomination to be the Democrat’s contender for the presidency.  Sanders comes away with 45 delegates to date, while Buttigieg has 25 and Biden 15.  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is in 4th place with 8 delegates, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is in 5th place with 7.


The next contest takes place in South Carolina on Saturday, February 29.  This is followed by Super Tuesday on March 3. Idaho voters go to the polls on March 10. To win the Democrat’s nomination for President, 1,991 delegates are needed of 3,979 available.


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