Chubbuck, Idaho is in the running for the world’s strongest town.  The worldwide competition pits communities against each other in a good natured competition based on economic resilience, citizen involvement, land use and more.  Chubbuck has advanced to the finals, and is now in a “Sweet Sixteen” match against the town of Winona, Minnesota.

The City of Chubbuck is encouraging everyone to vote for their community.  A tweet sent out by the City on March 6 reads, “The City of Chubbuck has been selected as a finalist for the 2020 Strongest Town Contest. This is a worldwide competition. On Monday March 9, 2020 through Tuesday March 10, 2020 we are asking the public to vote for the City of Chubbuck as the 2020 Strongest Town.”

To vote for Chubbuck, visit:


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