The Mayor and City Council of Chubbuck have a vision to ensure that the City is a “Great Place to Live, Work, and Raise a Family.”  In order to ensure that vision is realized, and that decisions made and actions taken are consistent with that goal, City staff created the 2019-2024 Chubbuck Strategic Plan.

The Introduction to the Strategic Plan begins, “The FY 2019 – FY 2024 Strategic Plan is the City of Chubbuck’s first strategic plan. The Plan was created through gathering community input through questionnaires, obtaining input from all City Departments, and having discussions with the City’s elected officials. The result is a vision, key performance metrics to achieve by 2024, and identification of actionable opportunities to bring the Plan to fruition. While not a binding policy document, this Plan provides a roadmap to achieving the community’s goals in consideration of the City’s resource constraints.

The Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document, reviewed annually by the City prior to budget presentations to identify emerging strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and to have its action items amended as needed to add or remove projects crucial to accomplishing its key performance metrics. As part of the budgeting process and/or in other program shifts, City department heads should identify how their requests will further the goals and vision of this plan.”

To view Chubbuck’s Strategic Plan, visit:

To see a short (1.5 minutes) video about the Strategic Plan, click on the video link, below.


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