(Photo Credit: Lillian Vallely School)

Lillian Vallely School Invited to Perform at State Senate on Idaho Day

Two State Senators Key to Invitation

Boise— 4 Mar 2020 — Let the drums roll out and the dance begin. The fourth and fifth grade students from Lillian Vallely School, a private elementary school for Native American children, performed traditional Native dances for the Idaho State Senate. Senator Mark Nye (Pocatello) “discovered” the school and its students during a visit he made. He strongly suggested they come to Idaho Day and put them in touch with Senator Van Burtenshaw who extended the formal invitation.

Sen. Burtenshaw stated, “This is our heritage. They keep these traditional dances alive. It’s part of their tradition, part of their culture, and it’s unique.” He welcomed the children by gaving the children a tour of the Capitol.

Lillian Vallely School

For over twenty years this Idaho Gem of a school has been an educational treasure. It is named after one of its founders, Lillian Vallely, an elder of the Shoshone Bannock tribes. It provides top notch academic education, plus Shoshone Bannock Native culture and basic Christian values. Currently, the reading and math test scores by its students are some of the very best in the state when compared to all elementary schools.

Come and See

Senator Nye experienced the power of the school when he visited. You can arrange to tour the school by calling Kathy McDaniel, at (208) 785-1890, or visit our website at:



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