Teaching From Home

Teaching Government and Economics

by: John Crowder

John Crowder, Owner of Crowder Education in Pocatello, Idaho

The fight against the coronavirus has been very disruptive.  People are out of work or working from home.  Some are confined to their homes.  Public events, gatherings, and activities have been cancelled.  Many children are out of school early…in some cases school is over for the year.

Yet, in spite of the difficulties we are facing in this time of crisis, there are also opportunities.  One of these is the chance to explore new ways to enhance your children’s education.  We are living through an experience that has major implications for government policies, particularly as they influence the economy.  What better time to have your students learn about government and economics, in theory and practice?


Government and economics are typically taught in the junior and senior high school years.  Economics, especially, is not a course that many students look forward to, because of the seemingly dry nature of the subject matter.  Yet, a knowledge of these subjects is critical to our prosperity as a nation.  As future voters, our students will make choices that will lead to greater prosperity and freedom, or a diminution of both.

For this reason, I encourage you to view, and have your older children view, the videos that are available on the Stossel in the Classroom website.  John Stossel routinely argues against the conventional wisdom and emotional reactions that are so prevalent in media soundbites.

Help your children learn to thoughtfully analyze government and economic policies.  View the Stossel in the Classroom videos, and then discuss the ideas with your students.  Help your children become the thinking leaders of the future.

You can learn more by visiting: https://stosselintheclassroom.org/




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