(1600 Daily, White House Press Release, March 26, 2020)

President Donald J. Trump (White House Official Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Last night, the Senate unanimously passed a $2.2 trillion emergency deal—the largest economic relief package in our nation’s history.  “96-0 in the United States Senate.  Congratulations AMERICA!” President Trump wrote on Twitter.

The American people have heroically joined forces and stepped up to help defeat the Coronavirus.  But this outbreak has left American workers and small business owners in immediate need of financial relief.

The CARES Act, as it’s called, will provide just that:

$1,200 direct payments to middle-class Americans, plus $500 for each child—a total of $3,400 for a family of four

$100 billion in direct support to our hospital systems, first responders, and health care workers

$370+ billion to small business owners to keep employees on the payroll

Delays federal student loan payments for the next 6 months

“As we fight to protect American lives, we’re also protecting American livelihoods,” the President said during yesterday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing.  “I encourage the House to pass this vital legislation and send the bill to my desk for signature.  Without delay, I will sign it immediately.”

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