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During these trying and chaotic times, it is good to take a moment to breathe and learn about the effects of stress on the body and how talk therapy can help you.​

On your mental wellness, overstressing can exacerbate anxiety, depression, and memory issues (2,3).  Some signs of these are feeling overwhelmed, agitated, and overall feeling bad (2,3).​

Stress affects not only your mental wellness but also your physical wellness.  Stress, if not coped with in a​ healthy, effective way, can affect your sleep, your digestive and cardiovascular (stomach and heart)​ systems, and immune system among other necessary bodily functions (2,3).  All of these– especially your​ immune system– need to be in tip-top shape in this current time.​

There are steps and actions you can take to make sure that your health, both mental and physical, don’t​ reach these declines.  One of the best actions one can take in these times is to start talk therapy.​  However, there has been a stigma against therapy which is starting to be turned around due to a lot of​ work from the mental wellness communities (1).  Talk therapy is a great way to relieve stress as the​ therapists are trained for years on how to relieve your stress, help you see the signs of stress affecting​ your life, and help to encourage new and better ways for you to deal with those stressors (1).​

With our current technology and with our stressful time being under mandated social distancing,​ counseling offices, such as Pacific Rim Consulting, are offering telehealth.  Telehealth is a form of​ healthcare which is primarily done over the phone through authorized applications or through​ authorized video calling to ensure yours and the counselors’ safety during the social isolation or for​ times when getting to a place physically is not possible.​

Pacific Rim has multiple counselors trained to offer mental health counseling and can be contacted at 208-232-8840.​

Pacific Rim Consulting, LLC, is located at 101 S. Main Street, Pocatello, ID 83204.

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