April 16, 2020

For the Church, one of the biggest challenges of life during the coronavirus is the inability to meet together for Sunday and mid-week worship service.  Christians are used to meeting regularly to learn from the Word of God, to worship, and to fellowship with and encourage one another.  Now, though, in order to keep themselves and others safe from the potentially deadly virus, this routine has been disrupted.  How are churches to meet the needs of their congregants when it’s not safe to meet in person?

Faith Lutheran Church in Pocatello, Idaho, is using technology to maintain connections during this trying time.  Weekly services are livestreamed on the church’s Facebook page, and on YouTube.  And, as of Monday, April 13, Pastor Kirk Triplett has been posting devotions every morning on these same channels, reading from Portals of Prayer, and giving his thoughts on the message.

Speaking to this shift, Pastor Triplett said, “We have an opportunity to stay connected in unprecedented ways.  Though virtual connection will never replace physical contact, we know God will keep us together and make our reunion when this is over that much sweeter!”

To learn more about Faith Lutheran Church, or to watch a service/message, click on the image, below:


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