April 16, 2020

Teaching From Home: Coronavirus Provides Unique Opportunity to Learn About Government and the Constitution

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

by: John Crowder

The actions being taken by government officials in response to the coronavirus, from local to state to national directives, provide us with a unique opportunity to teach our children lessons about government.  For example, what right does a governor have to declare a state of emergency?  Can an executive official (mayor, governor, president) really force us to stay in our homes?  Can our travel be restricted?  Can businesses be forced to close or to modify the way they do business?

These are all important questions.  If you have a middle or high school aged child, there are resources available to help him or her better understand how our system of government works, what the constitutional implications of such orders are, and what steps we, as citizens, can take if we disagree with such actions.

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One such resource that I highly recommend is Lehto’s Law.  Steve Lehto is a Michigan attorney with a popular YouTube channel.  He regularly posts short videos on legal questions, and he has a couple of very good ones just posted regarding these very questions.

You can watch his two recent videos on these questions by clicking on the video links, below.

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