April 18, 2020

Dave Rubin, the host of the YouTube Channel ‘The Rubin Report,’ subscribed to by over one million viewers, interviews MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in his latest episode.

As stated on the video’s description,

“Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Mike Lindell (Inventor & MyPillow CEO) about how he went from being an addict to CEO as well as his recent treatment by mainstream media.  Mike shares his past struggles with drug and gambling addiction.  He also tells the story of how he started his successful company MyPillow and nearly lost it all to his battles with addiction and how his religious faith helped him to overcome his demons.

Mike also talks about the recent media coverage of his decision to convert 75% of his MyPillow factories to mask making.  Mike’s goal is to produce over 50,000 masks a day at his factories.  At a press briefing at the White House with President Donald Trump, Mike Lindell gave a speech announcing what his company was doing to solve mask shortages.  He also talked about his religious faith and encouraged Americans to turn to God in times of crisis.  For this he was mocked by media outlets like CNN, and MSNBC as well as journalists like Jim Acosta and Joy Reid.  Mike Lindell responds to the media’s treatment of him and his company’s efforts.”

To watch this riveting hour-long interview, click on the video link, below:


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