May 1, 2020

My Experience Being Tested Through ‘Crush The Curve’ at ICCU H.Q. in Chubbuck

by:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

This morning I was tested for coronavirus antibodies through ‘Crush The Curve Idaho,’ at the testing site that has been set up in Chubbuck (i.e., the website says, ‘Pocatello’).  Here I relate my experience.

Yesterday afternoon I signed up for an appointment to be tested on the Crush The Curve Idaho website,  The website is very easy to navigate, and will prompt you to sign up for testing as soon as you reach it.  You are able to select a time for testing, given various time slots.  I chose 8:30 a.m., this morning, Friday, May 1.  I received a confirmation email very quickly.  Note:  This test is for people who are NOT CURRENTLY ILL.  It checks to see if you’ve had the illness by determining whether or not you have the antibodies associated with COVID-19.

The test site is in a modular building in back of the Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) headquarters building, 4400 Central Way, in Chubbuck.  As I drove up to the site (plenty of signs were posted directing me to the correct location) I came to a tent where ICCU employees, volunteering for the task, provided me with some paperwork.  I continued on to the parking lot, where other ICCU employees directed me where to park.  I was instructed to fill out the paperwork and place it on the dashboard when complete.

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The paperwork took about 15 minutes to complete.  It asked for personal contact information, had questions regarding recent illnesses experienced, and insurance information.  The cost of the test is $95, and the paperwork said that my insurance company would be billed.  No money is collected at the site, and nobody is being denied testing.

An ICCU volunteer saw that my paperwork had been completed and came over to take it from me and in to the modular where the testing was being conducted.  I was instructed to wait for a phone call to let me know when they were ready for me.  Many people were going in and exiting after being tested while I waited.  It took about another 15 minutes for me to receive the call.

When I entered, I was given a sticker that had my information printed on it.  The volunteer confirmed my information.  I went to stand in line on a green x that had been placed on the ground (along with others) in order to ensure social distancing.  There were several blood draw stations along one side of the modular.  Along the other side were stations where people were handling paperwork.  As I waited, I noted that, as soon as a patient left one of the stations, the nurse/phlebotomist cleaned the area before calling the next patient up.

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I was at a station within two minutes.  The phlebotomist did a great job drawing one vial of blood, probably the best blood draw I’ve ever experienced.  He was happy to answer any questions I had.

After completing the blood draw, the phlebotomist gave me a card and instructed me on how to receive my results, which, he said, would be available in a couple of days.

All in all, the whole process was complete in under 45 minutes.  There were plenty of people working, many from ICCU handling parking and collection of paperwork, and many from Portneuf Medical Center handling the medical side.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  The whole process was very efficient, and I credit the great group of people from Idaho Central Credit Union and Portneuf Medical Center for this!

I was told that the station will be set up at least through next week, perhaps longer.  They are currently testing between 500 and 600 people a day at this site.  To learn more, or to make an appointment for testing, visit:

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