(City of Pocatello Press Release, June 25, 2020)

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Starting July 1, a ban on certain types of fires will be in place for parts of Pocatello.

All open burning of solid fuels such as wood, paper, or charcoal within the Wildland-Urban Interface Areas of the Gate City will be put on hold because of current fire danger and fuel moisture levels.  The use of gas fire pits and/or charcoal briquettes or gas grills when used in appliances designed for food preparation are exempted from the ban.

“The hills and benches in and around Pocatello are covered in junipers, sagebrush, and cheatgrass that are prone to rapid ignition and extreme fire behavior,” said Pocatello Fire Chief David Gates.  “It only takes a single ember to cause what could become a devastating wildfire.  I strongly encourage all citizens to heed the ban and potentially save the lives and homes of fellow residents.”

Recreational fires and portable outdoor fireplaces as defined by Pocatello Municipal Code are exempt from open burning regulations in non-interface areas.

To view a map showing the Wildland-Urban Interface Areas of Pocatello, visit bit.ly/PocatelloChubbuckWUI.

The ban will remain in place until October 1 or until it is repealed.

Residents with questions about the burn ban can call the Pocatello Fire Department at 208-234-6201.

For more information on the Pocatello Fire Department, visit pocatello.us/fire.

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