(Idaho GOP Press Release, August 21, 2020)

Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna (Photo Credit: Tom Luna Facebook Page)
A message from the Idaho Republican Party Chairman, Tom Luna:
Considering all the uncertainties of 2020, the Idaho Republican Party believes exercising your cherished right to vote should not be one of them.  We unequivocally support more opportunities to vote, not less, which is why we are not only calling for a push to open the polls on November 3, but we are prepared to support staffing needs to make it happen.
The fact is, COVID-19 has caused shortages in poll workers, making it difficult for county clerks to staff polling places.  While this is an obstacle, it does not need to be a barrier.  The Idaho Republican Party is offering our assistance to help find poll workers to ensure that all polls will be adequately staffed on election day.  We invite the Idaho Democratic Party and others to join us in these efforts.
In no way are we encouraging voters to risk the safety of their family, friends, and fellow citizens.  People are returning to work, shopping, recreating, and socializing while protecting the health and safety of others.  Therefore, we are confident that voters can also exercise their right to vote at the polls while affording those same protections.
Idahoans must have access to every option when casting their votes.  This includes absentee voting, early voting, and in-person on Election Day at every precinct polling location across Idaho.
Join us in our efforts to open the polls ensuring that no Idaho voter is disenfranchised on election day.
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