September 23, 2020 (Photo Credits:  Mark Fuller Facebook Page)

Republicans Celebrate Lincoln Day Gala

By:  Bonneville County Republican Chair Mark Fuller

Bonneville County Republican Party Chairman Mark Fuller

The Republican Lincoln Day Gala held Sept. 19 was an amazing success for nearly 1,400 attendees.  Planned for April, but delayed by the COVID-19 lockdown, the event was completely reimagined.  Nearly a year ago we arranged for renowned conservative speaker Candace Owens to give the keynote address.  She graciously postponed until fall, but the original location remained unavailable.  To comply with public health, social distancing and accommodate all who desired to attend, we relocated to the Chukars’ stadium.

Months of planning went into the event, all with the recognition that Idaho’s unpredictable weather could throw us a real curveball.  We watched the ever-changing restrictions and edicts issued by public health officials, fearing that Bonneville County would rise to a stage preventing the event.  We planned the menu, set the program, signed up volunteers and began selling tickets to supporters and fans of Candace.

Bonneville County Republican Party Chairman Mark Fuller Introduces Candace Owens

Hungry for entertainment, and tired of being locked down all summer, Republicans from throughout the state threw their support behind our event.  Loyal businesses and individuals from previous years backed the event, and as the day approached, tickets to see Candace Owens became the hottest item in the state.  We kept our eyes on the weather reports as temperatures remained in the 80s the entire week.

The morning of the event, I was awakened by rain and gusting winds.  Gratefully the rain ended early, and we set up for the event, including flags provided by the IF Exchange Club, decorations and all of the trappings of a true political celebration.  Just at 5 p.m., as the event began, rain fell heavily, followed by nearly marble-sized hail and gusting winds.  The long line of ticket holders did not shorten one inch because everyone was eager to hear Candace and the Trump impersonator.  Although many were soaked to the bone, the crowd continued to celebrate throughout the night.  The Chukars staff was amazing under very difficult conditions and deserve our utmost thanks.

Candace spoke in strong support of traditional American families, and the Trump impersonator brought belly laughs from everyone.  Fundraising continued throughout the night, with record sales of raffle tickets, Trump souvenirs, yard signs and silent auction items.  Awards were presented to conservatives Raul Labrador, Barbara Ehardt and party faithful who have devoted countless hours of service.  Thousands of dollars were raised to support conservative candidates throughout the state, pay our county quota to the state GOP and fund all of our other activities.  The event ended with a fireworks presentation set to patriotic music, replacing in part the summer activities lost to COVID-19 lockdown.

The Bonneville County Republican party is strong, united and looking forward to the second term of President Trump.  The need for the appointment of conservative Supreme Court jurists has never been greater.  Next week we open our election headquarters at the corner of Yellowstone and Broadway and invite you to come to visit and purchase Trump souvenirs and Trump/Pence yard signs.  Do not remain silent in your support of conservative candidates.  Long live the republic.


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