October 7, 2020

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R, TX (Photo Credit: Verdict with Ted Cruz)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared with cable news show host Mark Levin on Life, Liberty, & Levin to discuss his new book, One Vote Away, How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History.

As stated on the website promoting the book, “Senator Ted Cruz has spent his entire career on the front line of the war to protect our constitutional rights.  And as a Supreme Court clerk, solicitor general of Texas, and private litigator, he played a key role in some of the most important legal cases of the past two decades.

In One Vote Away, you will discover how often the high court decisions that affect your life have been decided by just one vote.  One vote preserves your right to speak freely, to bear arms, and to exercise your faith.  One vote will determine whether your children enjoy their full inheritance as American citizens.

God may endow us with “certain unalienable rights,” but whether we enjoy them depends on nine judges—the “priests of the robe” who have the last say in our system of government.  Drawing back the curtain of their temple, Senator Cruz reveals the struggles, arguments, and strife that have shaped the fate of those rights.  No one who reads One Vote Away can ever again take a single seat on the Supreme Court for granted.”

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