(Pocatello Police Department Notice, November 5, 2020)

Chris Abbott is sworn in as an Animal Control Officer with the Pocatello Police Department (Photo Credit: Pocatello Police Department)

Chris Abbott has been sworn in as the newest Animal Control Officer with the Pocatello Police Department.

According to the information on the Pocatello Police Department’s Facebook page, “The Pocatello Police Department is proud to welcome our newest Animal Control Officer, Chris Abbott.  Chris has over 25 years experience working with animals and in the animal control field here in Pocatello and in sunny California.  He has been with us for approximately four months as a Shelter Supervisor and in those few months he has brought great ideas and an unmatched work ethic to our shelter.  Now he will further serve the shelter and our community as a sworn in Animal Control Officer.  Thank you, Chris, for your commitment to help the animals and the people of the City of Pocatello!!


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