November 13, 2020

When you think of a veterans group meeting, the image that comes to mind is typically that of old warriors, long retired.  However, many veterans are younger, are still in the working world, and are raising children, as well.  Pocatello’s AMVETS Post 1 is making a concerted effort to reach out to these younger veterans.  One way they’re doing that is by hosting meetings that are family and child friendly.
Avery Lawes, Winner of the AMVETS Flag Coloring Contest
Next Thursday, November 19, the local AMVETS group will be holding their monthly business meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building.  But it won’t be a stodgy affair.  There will be a movie for the kids to enjoy, and pizza for all attending, so parents who want to attend don’t have to worry about getting dinner or keeping the young ones entertained.
AMVETS Idaho Post 1 Adjutant Chris Riley being sworn in by Post Commander Lance Kolbet (Photo Credit: AMVETS)
AMVETS wants their meetings to be inclusive of all who support those who served in the military.  In addition to AMVETS members, Auxiliary, Sons, and Riders are all invited.
Dustin Manwaring with Sons of AMVETS Lifetime Member Certificate (Photo Credit: Miguel Dominic)
This isn’t the first time AMVETS has hosted a family-friendly event.  In September, the organization hosted a cookout at OK Ward Park, at which they honored the winners of their annual Americanism contest while providing a movie, a jump house with a water feature, and even a visit from a Star Wars storm trooper!
U.S. Senator James Risch Addresses Veterans at AMVETS Event, October 13, 2020 (Photo Credit: Miguel Dominic)
If you’re someone who supports our veterans, AMVETS would love to see you involved.  AMVETS hosts guest speakers (Idaho’s Senator James Risch recently spoke at an event), sponsors an annual student Americanism contest, advocates for the veteran’s community, and has an Honor Guard contingent.
Flag Raising
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