(City of Pocatello Press Release, November 18, 2020)

Shaun Menchaca, CEO of the Portneuf Health Trust, left, and Pocatello Police Chief Roger Schei Schei stand in the department’s new substation at 500 South 11th Avenue. The new substation space is provided at no cost to the Pocatello Police Department by the PHT. (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

The Pocatello Police Department has added a new substation to its ranks thanks to the Portneuf Health Trust (PHT).

The approximately 500 square-foot substation at 500 South 11th Avenue features additional places for officers to complete their reports, conduct interviews, and other police-related duties.  The new substation space is provided at no cost to the Pocatello Police Department by the PHT.  The City of Pocatello will be responsible for the maintenance of the substation.

“This space simply worked perfectly for the officers and our campus.  It’s located in the Idaho State University neighborhood, it’s easy to access for the officers, and really, the whole community wins.  We are pleased to be able to contribute the lease to the Pocatello Police Department and count them as a valued partner,” said Shaun Menchaca, Chief Executive Officer of the Portneuf Health Trust.

“We appreciate the Portneuf Health Trust providing this location and the equipment for this substation,” Chief Roger Schei said.  “This will allow members of the department to be out in the community more because they can complete their reports and other duties at this location instead of returning to the main station.”

The department also has another substation located at 800 Yellowstone Ave.

For more information on the Pocatello Police Department, visit pocatello.us/police.

Additional information on the Portneuf Health Trust can be found at portneufhealthtrust.org.


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