November 23, 2020

This coming Tuesday, November 24, seniors who stop by the Pocatello Senior Activity Center for lunch will get a delicious meal and be able to receive a brochure detailing how they can obtain a call caption phone at no charge.

The menu for the popular drive-thru lunch service on Tuesday features hot chili, just what you need to warm you up as the weather turns colder.  In addition, volunteers will be handing out a brochure detailing how seniors can receive a phone that allows call captioning.   If you are having a bit more trouble hearing these days, this can be a huge help.  As detailed in the brochure, phones are provided at no cost to those who have hearing loss and request them.  A service technician makes an appointment with you to hook up the phone.

For more information on the Pocatello Senior Activity Center, visit:

For more information on the call captioning phone, visit:


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