December 6, 2020

J. D. Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy, was interviewed on the Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special today.  The timely interview takes place in line with the release of the Netflix adaptation of the novel.

The summary of the interview, which can be found on YouTube states, “Four years ago, Hillbilly Elegy was a well regarded memoir, now, with its 2020 Netflix adaptation, the work has become critically panned and the subject of endless controversy.

The author, J.D. Vance, wrote about his upbringing in the Appalachian regions of Kentucky and Middletown, Ohio.  A look into the history and values in this area of the country, it was recommended by mainstream outlets and cultural leaders in mass for insight into the plights of the white working class that impacted the 2016 election.  That praise was short lived, however, when the nearly unanimous edict came down from the media that the trials of impoverished white Americans were insignificant and should be ignored.

J.D. joins the show to discuss the book, the media’s harsh shift, and how conservatives can connect with the Appalachian and Rust Belt regions of the country moving forward.”

To view the interview, click on the video link, below:

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