December 14, 2020

(Photo Credit: Chubbuck Police Department Facebook Page)

Chubbuck Police Officers Clinton and Eborn graduated from the Peace Officers Standards and Training Basic Patrol Academy Course in Meridian on Friday, December 11.  Both officers started at the Academy on September 8th and took part in 14 weeks (514) hours of training.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the graduation ceremony was live streamed rather than holding an in-person event.

(Photo Credit: Chubbuck Police Department Facebook Page)

The Chubbuck Police Department posted their congratulations to the two officers, thanking them, and their families, on the Department’s Facebook page.  The Department posted that, “They have sacrificed so much of themselves during their 14 week experience at POST, as well as their family and friends, and we appreciate their level of dedication from not only our officers but their families as well!  Thank you all!”

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