(City of Pocatello Press Release, December 14, 2020)

The City of Pocatello Human Relations Advisory Committee (HRAC) is looking to honor local champions of human and civil rights.

The group is currently accepting nominations for the 2021 Human and Civil Rights Awards. The HRAC plans to highlight the work of both an individual and an organization.  The award recognizes those who have worked to improve Pocatello in one or more of the following criteria:

– Helped protect and advance human and civil rights of Pocatello residents

– Promoted human rights training and programs

– Worked to eradicate discrimination

– Promoted equal educational opportunity and access for all

– Worked to improve inter-group relations

– Worked to eliminate hate motivated incidents and/or harassment

– Worked to reduce violence and promote peace

– Worked to gain a greater voice for all in policy and decision-making

– Helped to eliminate stereotyping in the community

– Worked to educate others about extremists who threaten the human and civil rights of others

– Worked to promote educational opportunity for physically and/or mentally challenged individuals

– Worked to build more effective family, school, and community partnerships

The nomination form can be completed at bit.ly/3a3EWUP.  Nominations will be accepted until January 9 at 9 p.m.  Previous winners include:

2020 – Atari Callen and Jamar Brown               2019 – Jason Byrd and Portneuf Valley                                                                                         Interfaith Fellowship

2018 – Betty Moore                                          2017 – Hon. Rick Carnaroli

2016 – Jennifer Seaich                                      2015 – Billie Johnson

2014 – Roger J. Bray and Roger W. Chase        2013 – John Purce

2012 – Edgar Malepeai                                     2011 – Bonnie Frantz and 2Great4Hate

2008 – James Yizar                                           2007 – Clayton Diggie

2006 – Farhana Hibbert

For more information on the City of Pocatello’s Human Relations Advisory Committee, visit pocatello.us/273/Human-Relations-Advisory-Committee.

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