(City of Pocatello Press Release, December 17, 2020)

With winter weather upon us, the City of Pocatello Street Operations and Police Departments are reminding residents to keep sidewalks clear and not to shovel or blow snow into the streets of the Gate City.

Pocatello City Code 8.14.060 states, “The responsible party of any premises within the municipality abutting or adjoining any public sidewalk shall be required to remove all snow and ice from any such sidewalk.”  The code also says “The responsible party, following notification from city staff, has a period of twenty four (24) hours from the time of notice within which to correct or otherwise remove all snow and ice.”  Renters are advised to contact their landlord or consult their rental agreement to determine whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for snow and ice removal.

Officials also add that it is illegal to move, blow, shovel or throw snow into the street. Under Pocatello City Code 9.16.190 “No person shall cause or allow grass clippings, dirt, dust, solid waste, or other material generated on or originating on nonpublic property to be placed, swept, blown with a portable blower or other device, or otherwise deposited onto or into any part of the public rights of way of the city of Pocatello.”  Residents are asked to deposit the snow onto their own property.

“When the plow comes by, it can push the snow back towards the property, creating a berm that can be difficult to clear for residents, but it is an unavoidable side effect of plowing,” said Tom Kirkman, Deputy Public Works Director.  “Residents also need to be aware that piles of snow in the roadway can be a hazard for drivers.  If the snow pile freezes solid, it can be similar to hitting a large obstruction and it can damage the vehicle as well as injure the driver.”

Violators of both portions of the code may be issued a citation and residents who commit multiple violations can be charged with a misdemeanor.

“If you see the plow coming, please wait until it is finished before you clear the berm in front of your driveway and mailbox, as the driver most likely will make more than one pass,” Kirkman said.  “This way you only have to move the snow one time.”

Officials would like to thank the public for their cooperation.

For more information about the City Code or to report potential violations, please contact the Code Enforcement division at 208-234-6287.  You can also report potential code violations online at pocatello.us/376/Code-Enforcement.

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