(IDGOP Press Release, January 20, 2021)

Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna (Photo Credit: Tom Luna Facebook Page)

Today, a new administration was inaugurated to lead our country for the next four years. Since 1789, the United States has upheld a peaceful transition of power by swearing in a new administration after an election. The Idaho Republican Party upholds and cherishes this peaceful transfer of power as it’s an integral principle of American government.  Although we continue to have deep divides as a nation, and strong disagreements on politics, it is incumbent as Americans, and Idahoans, that we move forward as one United States.

President Trump, in his farewell address, said “Now more than ever, we must unify around our shared values and rise above the partisan rancor and forge our common destiny.”

Throughout this new administration, your Idaho Republican Party vows to be the loyal opposition against any legislation seeking to raise taxes, increase regulation, or infringe upon our liberties. We will work with our federal delegation to promote Idaho voices in Washington D.C. and stand strong for our conservative values.

This change of power will not change our values and beliefs. We will always strive to better the lives of all Idahoans through Republican principles and conservative governance.


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