(Office of Representative Priscilla Giddings Press Release, January 26, 2021)


Idaho District 7A Representative Priscilla Giddings

Twenty-two Idaho State Representatives and Senators along with Lieutenant Governor McGeachin submitted the attached letter to the Board of Trustees for the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI).  The Board received the letter prior to their board meeting on January 25th at 1:30pm.

The Board has authority over how PERSI funds are invested.  Idaho currently has about $661,042,000 invested in large tech and social platform-based companies that have censored free speech and the free exchange of ideas by many groups of citizens.

The investment breakdown per platform: Alphabet (Google) $ 206,912,769 Amazon $ 203,237,172 Apple $ 156,679,262 Facebook $ 91,212,929 Twitter $ 3,000,000

During fiscal year 2020, the State of Idaho made $1,962,300.95 in purchases from these 5 platforms.

The purchases breakdown per platform: Google $ 35,979.59 Amazon $ 1,797,106.49 Apple $ 100,454.08 Facebook $ 28,560.79 Twitter $ 200

Questions can be directed to Representative Giddings at pgiddings@house.idaho.gov

Text of Letter:


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