(Congressman Mike Simpson Press Release, January 28, 2021; Photo Credit:  U. S. Air Force Academy Facebook Page)

U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson (ID-2nd Dist.)

Boise, ID – Idaho Congressman Simpson announces the candidates nominated for potential  appointments to one of our nation’s four service academies.  Nominees show excellence in academics, volunteering in their communities, and participation in extra-curricular actives.  In addition to these accomplishments, candidates need to obtain a Congressional Nomination.  Congressman Simpson has nominated 16 candidates to the United States Air Force Academy, 14 to the United States Military Academy, 17 to the United States Naval Academy and 9 to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Many candidates earned nominations to multiple academies.

“The dedication these nominees have made thus far has been incredible and we are lucky to have these young people represent our state,” said Congressman Simpson.  “To be selected in this group is a huge accomplishment, and I am impressed by the drive and desire these young adults show to serving their country at these prestigious academies.”

Anyone looking for information on a congressional nomination to the U.S. Service Academies, please visit https://simpson.house.gov/constituent-services/serviceacademynominations.htm or contact Craig Quarterman in Simpson’s Boise District Office at 208-334-1953 or email at craig.quarterman@mail.house.gov.

US Congressman Mike Simpson’s 2021 Academy Nominations:

United States Air Force Academy

  1. Brynn Crownover, Boise
  2. Reed Eddington, Idaho Falls
  3. Molly Fuller, Boise
  4. Emily Foster, Boise
  5. Grace Fort, Jerome
  6. Darcie Bushee, Boise
  7. Marcella Fisher, Hailey
  8. Paul Gillespie, Paul
  9. Riley McGary, Boise
  10. Bren Legarretta, Boise
  11. Abigail Thomsen, Boise
  12. Evan Schulte, Boise
  13. Renata Russell, Boise
  14. Adam Jones, Boise
  15. Nuha Kamal Akhtar, Boise
  16. Reagan Stonehill, Ammon

United States Military Academy at Westpoint

  1. Darcie Bushee, Boise
  2. Elizabeth Robison, Boise
  3. Gracie Johnson, Boise
  4. Grace Fort, Jerome
  5. Reagan Stonehill, Ammon
  6. Madeline Carswell, Boise
  7. Bren Legarretta, Boise
  8. Abigail Thompson, Boise
  9. Marcella Fisher, Hailey
  10. Evan Schulte, Boise
  11. Molly Fuller, Boise
  12. Riley McGarry, Boise
  13. Avery Konecni, Boise
  14. Annika Scott, Idaho Falls

United States Naval Academy

  1. Abigail Thompson, Boise
  2. Madeline Carswell, Boise
  3. Darcie Bushee, Boise
  4. Reed Eddington, Idaho Falls
  5. Molly Fuller, Boise
  6. Grace Fort, Jerome
  7. Brynn Crownover, Boise
  8. Anika Scott, Idaho Falls
  9. Paul Gillespie, Paul
  10. Anika Scott, Idaho Falls
  11. Elizabeth Robison, Boise
  12. Riley McGarry, Boise
  13. Bren Legarretta, Boise
  14. Reagan Stonhill, Ammon
  15. Evan Schulte, Boise
  16. Marcella Fisher, Hailey
  17. Avery Konecni, Boise

United States Merchant Marine Academy

  1. Brynn Crownover, Boise
  2. Marcella Fisher, Hailey
  3. Grace Fort, Jerome
  4. Gracie Johnson, Boise
  5. Riley McGarry, Boise
  6. Evan Schulte, Boise
  7. Timothy Simpson, Meridian
  8. Reagan Stonhill, Ammon
  9. Abigail Thomson, Boise


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