(City of Pocatello Press Release, February 1, 2021)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) crews now have a new partner in the fight against cardiac arrest.

Recently, the Pocatello Fire Department/Bannock County Ambulance purchased six Lund University Cardiac Assist System (LUCAS) devices for ambulance crews.  Once it’s applied to the patient, the machines consistently and efficiently provide chest compressions throughout the entire resuscitation effort.  According to the device’s manufacturer, “The LUCAS Chest Compression System helps emergency care teams around the world do what they do best — save lives.  With high-quality chest compressions and fewer interruptions than manual CPR, LUCAS is your partner that will administer Guidelines-consistent, high-quality compressions until the job is done.”

“Uninterrupted, high-quality CPR is strongly correlated to successful cardiac arrest resuscitation and can make a life or death difference.  With the LUCAS device handling chest compressions, EMS personnel are now able to focus on the other critical needs of the patient,” said Kim Stouse, Community Relations/Education Specialist.  “Additionally, the devices will help to limit their potential exposure to COVID-19, helping to maintain a healthy workforce and allowing them to continue to serve the community.”

The total cost of the six devices was $92,359.67 and the purchase was fully funded through a Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act grant.

Three of the devices have been placed on frontline ambulances in Pocatello.  One will be placed on each of the ambulances stationed in Lava Hot Springs, Downey, and Inkom once crews are trained in the coming weeks.

Since 1978, the Pocatello Fire Department has contracted with Bannock County to provide ambulance services throughout Bannock County.

For more information on the Pocatello Fire Department, visit pocatello.us/fire.


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