February 5, 2021

2020–2021 City Council: Linda Leeuwrik, Rick Cheatum, Roger Bray, Claudia Ortega (back row); Heidi Adamson, Brian Blad, Chris Stevens (front row) (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

Last night the members of the Pocatello City Council instructed staff to prepare a new ordinance to repeal the current face covering ordinance.

A motion was introduced to repeal the face mask ordinance.  Voting in favor of repealing the ordinance were councilmembers Adamson, Cheatum, and Ortega.  Opposed were councilmembers Bray, Leeuwrik, and Stevens.  Mayor Brad Little voted in favor, removing the tie.

Following this, the City Attorney informed the Council that an ordinance could only be removed by another ordinance.

A motion was then made to instruct staff to prepare an ordinance repealing the face covering ordinance.  Voting in favor were councilmembers Adamson, Bray, Cheatum, Ortega, and Stevens.  Opposed was councilmember Leeuwrik.

The City released the following press release regarding the matter:

At Thursday’s Pocatello City Council meeting, the City Council voted to direct City staff to prepare an ordinance that repeals the City’s face covering ordinance.  Under Idaho law, an ordinance can only be repealed by another ordinance.

The face covering ordinance remains in effect until it is repealed.  The ordinance is scheduled to be considered at the City Council’s Regular Meeting on February 18.

A list of frequently asked questions about the ordinance is available at bit.ly/2VXMoc1

To view the ordinance, visit bit.ly/3ffLWi8.

City officials encourage all residents to take precautions to protect themselves from novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  Additional information on ways to help prevent the spread of the disease can be found at siphidaho.org/coronavirus.phpcoronavirus.idaho.gov, and cdc.gov.

More information and resources can also be found at pocatello.us/coronavirus.


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