February 15, 2021 (Photo Credit:  Trump Rally, Donald Trump Jr. Facebook Page)

In spite of the onslaught of attacks begun before he even took office and continuing to this day, and now two politically motivated impeachment trials by those opposed to 45th U. S. President Donald J. Trump and his policies designed to put Americans first, his support remains incredibly strong among everyday Americans.

In a show of their love for the man that many of them call, “The Greatest President Ever,” and their support of the Make America Great Again movement he started, thousands traveled from across Florida to line the streets of West Palm Beach on this Presidents Day to celebrate the former President.

Showing his gratitude and appreciation for his supporters, President Trump drove down the streets where the rally was being held in his motorcade, smiling and waving at the crowd.

To watch a segment of the rally, click on the video, below:


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