February 17, 2021

Parentalrights.org, a group , has raised concern over the “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act of 2020.”  The Act would, according to the organization, “not only allow children as young as 11 years old to give legally binding consent to receive a vaccine, it would also prohibit the provider from recording the shot in the child’s medical record; require the provider to send the record only to the child’s school; prohibit the school from recording the vaccination in any record the parents might see; and even prohibit the insurance carrier from sending an explanation of benefits listing the vaccination.”

Although the Act pertains only to Washington, D.C., the group says that it will serve as a model for similar legislation that is intended, “not just to cut parents out of their child’s medical decisions, but also to keep the parents from ever knowing the vaccination took place.”

To learn more, visit the parentalrights.org website, here:

It’s “Go Time” in Congress


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