February 16, 2021

Three local members of the Idaho legislature held a one-and-a-half hour town hall at Chubbuck City Hall last Saturday, February 13.  Senator Jim Guthrie, Representative Randy Armstrong, and Representative Kevin Andrus each spoke briefly about bills making their way through the legislature.  They ranged from bills concerning industrial hemp and price gouging to the fetal heartbeat bill and H 135 (subsequently passed by the House) which limits the Governor’s emergency powers.

Following the legislator’s presentations, citizens asked questions with the focus primarily on the protection of Idahoan’s rights given the conditions that have been imposed at the federal, state, and local level in response to the coronavirus and with the new Administration in Washington threatening further restrictions.

Questions involved:

  • Freedom of speech concerns and encouraging action against social media companies that suppress free speech
  • Government overreach in medicine, such as banning certain medications and making vaccines mandatory
  • Attacks on 2nd Amendment rights

Other issues brought up were the proposal by Representative Simpson to demolish hydroelectric dams and property tax relief.

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