February 23, 2021

Today the Bannock County Commissioners passed a resolution declaring Bannock County to be a Protected 2nd Amendment County.

Commissioner Jeff Hough posted the following statement regarding the passage of the resolution:

“I am proud to announce that today we passed our resolution protecting the 2nd Amendment in Bannock County.

This declaration serves to protect the citizens of Bannock County from confiscation of firearms, ammunition, magazines, or firearm accessories, except those used in the commission of a felony or those that are in possession of a convicted felon as defined by Idaho laws.

Additionally, the Commissioners recognize and support the discretion of the Bannock County Sheriff to refuse to enforce any Federal mandates that infringe on the Second Amendment rights. of Bannock County citizens.

You can read the full resolution on my website:”

Bannock County’s 2nd Amendment Resolution


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