(City of Pocatello Press Release, March 1, 2021)

The yearly clean-up of Pocatello’s two City-operated cemeteries has been scheduled for the end of the month.

Monday, March 29, crews will begin the process of removing and discarding decorations and flower placements that have been left on graves at Restlawn Cemetery and Mountain View Cemetery.  Residents who would like to keep them from being discarded are asked to retrieve these items before March 29.  The process of cleaning the cemeteries takes about a month and once the clean-up is finished, the decorations can be placed back on the graves.

“We do the annual cleanup to keep our cemeteries beautiful and welcoming to family and friends while visiting their loved ones,” said Ruth Wilford, Cemetery Administrator.

If you have questions about the clean-up, contact the cemetery office at 208-234-6195.


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