March 9, 2021

Yesterday Idaho Representative Priscilla Giddings gave a speech on the House floor calling out Idaho Public Television for, “extreme partisanship” in their programming, citing examples of support for leftist policies imbedded in children’s shows.  She also noted that the station had characterized supporters of President Donald J. Trump as, “insurgents.”  This latter example, she said, was “insulting beyond all recognition” to her, particularly since she had served on air combat missions and knew what the word, insurgent, meant.

In spite of her strong appeal for eliminating taxpayer funding for the channel, the House nevertheless, in a close 36-34 vote, decided in favor of continued taxpayer funding.

The voting results for the bill, H 283, can be seen, here:

To watch Representative Giddings floor speech, click on the image, here:


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