(City of Pocatello Press Release, March 12, 2021)

If you’ve ever wanted to have your name or the name of your business on the side of a building or other major community improvement, now’s your chance.

Recently, the City of Pocatello Parks and Recreation Department unveiled its Partnership Opportunities Program.  Through the effort, individuals or businesses can sponsor different improvements throughout the Parks and Recreation system.  Partnership benefits include naming rights for improvements, prominent display of community partner logo on the sponsored improvement, extensive Partner exposure to large volumes of City facility patrons and visitors, and more depending on the project.

“Just about anything can happen when we dream big and work together,” said John Banks, Parks and Recreation Department Director.  “The Pocatello Parks and Recreation Department would like to partner with local businesses and community members to accomplish great things while providing health and wellness benefits for our community that are second to none.”

Currently, improvements available for partnerships include the water slide and tower at the Ross Park Aquatic Complex, safe skate spots/skateable art, playground amenities, picnic pavilions, and many others.

Previously, the department has partnered with Connections Credit Union and Western States CAT at Zoo Idaho for construction of the new Zoo Connections Entrance and Gift Shop and Western States CAT pathway, respectively.

“We hope that our Partnership Opportunities Program will help in imagining and inspiring what is possible,” Banks said.  “Together we can partner to achieve meaningful quality of life improvements and amenities for the use and enjoyment of our community.”

To view all the available opportunities, visit bit.ly/3euivuo.

If you have questions about an opportunity or would like to discuss a possible partnership, contact John Banks, Parks and Recreation Director, at 208-234-6232.

For more information on the Parks and Recreation Department, visit pocatello.us/pr.


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