(Idaho Republican Party Press Release, November 4, 2021)

Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna (Photo Credit: Tom Luna Facebook Page)
Boise, ID — In Tuesday’s local elections, Idaho Republicans turned out to vote at levels that exceeded all expectations, especially those of incumbents. All across the state of Idaho, local election voter turnout was up and Republican candidates achieved victories in critical races from Mayors and City Councils to School Boards and Fire Commissioners.


The increased voter turnout we witnessed at the polls was the result of conservative Republicans actively engaging in their communities. A legion of volunteers worked tirelessly in the field to educate voters of the stakes of local elections and it worked, resulting in major victories in races no one thought were winnable. For far too long, Republicans have sat on the sidelines for local races, ceding the battlefield to our opposition. Tuesday’s elections made clear that the era of apathy is over. No longer will Republican voters rest on their laurels when it comes to electing a local government of their choice.

Speaking of the victories, IDGOP Chairman Tom Luna said, “The tremendous voter turnout and Republican wins did not happen by chance. Our concerted efforts at the local, county and state levels, combined with a great slate of candidates, energized voters all across the state to show up and elect conservative leadership at the local level.”

Conservative values won big not only in Idaho, but all across the nation. Republicans elected a new governor in Virginia, a state that Democrats won by over ten points in 2020. This big win highlighted new opportunities for Republicans heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

The message from Tuesday’s elections is unambiguous: voters prefer the values and policies of the conservative agenda over the false promises of radical progressives.



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